This is for school fees for two exceptional girls.

Joanna (12yrs) and Julia (7yrs) are the daughters of a struggling single mum. They are doing very well in school - each having been placed 1st in class with really good high marks (even as compared to the national average).

Joanna is so hard working making sure she studies hard and keeps her marks up. She has a boy in her class who keeps her on her toes and sometimes gets higher marks in some subjects. This keeps her striving for the first place and makes sure she achieves higher and better marks. She is a settled and lovely girl.

Julia just makes you smile. She is tiny, sweet and energetic. She is clever and achieves really high marks in school. In a class of over 30 kids she is doing really well and is exceptional.

We see them as doing well for themselves and education working well for them.

They need 22,000 Kenyan Shillings (KSH) per term - which equates to $NZ315 per term or $NZ945 per year. This is the total for both of them.

This amount covers all of their costs, including stationary and extra classes as required.

Using the Quantity field, you can tell us how many terms you would like to pay for.



Value: $315.00


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Julia's & Joanna's School Fees


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