Alfonso & Griffin finally in school!


Yeah! Hurray! Alfonso and Griffin are in school Finally! Good things take time but when they happen it's wonderful! Thank you so much for answering this prayer. May God bless you abundantly as this is a real intervention for these two boys. We thank God for you and will be praying and thanking him continuously for you. Be mightily blessed. Please continue to pray for them.
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Back Home!!!!


We are so Glad to be back home!!! We love New Zealand! The boys are calling us tourists as we keep stopping and taking photos of the lovely beautiful country side. The air is clean, it is quiet and like Gracen said, "it's good to be back in a functioning society".
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Rosie at school


Back to school for another term. We didn't get to write about her the last term of school as we were busy trying to get back to New Zealand.
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