God is wonderful, marvellous and loving...

Howard*, his mum and two young sisters

When we say God is wonderful, he is great, majestic, marvellous and loving, we know we have to experience it to really know.

When I see Howard*, I see the hand of God. Howard is the intellectually handicapped boy with epilepsy we wrote about in the story 'God is a miracle worker!'

He had a relapse the other day, the first one he has had in over two months (he used to have them every few minutes), and instead of feeling so bad about it he was laughing at how he fell in the mud. He was really funny! - and I found myself cracking up laughing (I am still laughing).

He can now hold proper conversations, he is beginning to care for himself and his mum can even leave him with the younger children so that she can go to work! He is alive, strong and getting better and better every day.

Howard has a referral letter (Oh Yeah!) to a vocational training school for the intellectually handicapped. We are waiting for some funds to get him to the school, which is in a town about an hour away (6,000 KSH - approx: $90 NZ). We have no car, so have to hire transport to get him there. We also will need around 25,000 KSH (aprrox: $350 NZ) for fees, uniform and shopping for his boarding needs.

We really want to see this boy fully healed and released into work so that he can finally take care of himself and help to look after his family

(insert picture: Howard's bed - empty!!)

Josh, our missionary doctor, has been wonderful getting drugs to us for him and we are praying that we will be able to help him with the cost of those drugs - around $20 NZ per month.

Please continuously thank God for this boy and give all the praise and the glory to God.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy


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