Meet Lisa* - a young mum


Here is a story of heartache and hope...yet God is at work.

Lisa* is a young mum of four. She has no parents and she only just remembers her mum - who died when she was just two years old. She was forced to marry early, so as not to be a burden, and is uneducated.

We met her a year ago and prayed for her eldest daughter Lucy*, who is mentally retarded (she is yet to be formally diagnosed). At the time the little girl was terrified, could not talk and could not stand to be around anyone. She is now a happy, chatty and cheerful child. However, we are yet to get her formally assessed and going to school. She is at grave risk: being 12 years old and hanging out on the streets everyday.

When we prayed for her daughter, Lisa gave her life to Christ.

She used to work in a hotel cleaning dishes and earned 200 Kenyan Shillings a day (approx. $3). To get to-and-from work cost her 50 Kenyan Shillings, so she had only with 150 Shillings (approx. $2) left over each day. With this little money she could just afford to feed her kids. However, this would not cover her rent or any extra expenses - such as school fees for her children, etc. Since having a baby, one month ago, she now earns almost nothing doing people's washing - when they can bring it to her.

Her two boys, aged 8 and 7 years old, lived like street kids and didn't go to school, so we encouraged her to take them to a very cheap local school and helped her by topping up the fees.

She has a difficult 'husband', the father to her one-month-old son, who sometimes pays the rent. He is abusive to her older kids: hurts them and doesn't feed them. Lisa would like to go out on her own, as the husband is a thief, which makes it very risky for her and her kids. For example, She was recently locked up for a day in prison, with her one month old baby, because her husband stole some goods - the Police used it as a way to get her to help them to find the husband and the missing goods (we don't see why she had to be locked up as she fully co-operated with the Police form the beginning, but this is Kenya).  What is more, the neighbors are now scared that the husband will also steal off them, so do not want her or her kids around anymore and are trying to force the landlord to kick them out onto the street.

So where to from here with this family?

We are currently trying to arrange for sponsors for her sons school fees (see the Join Us page for details). She also needs help with her house rent at 2000 Kenyan Shillings ($30) per month until she gets on her feet.

We are also praying that God will open a way for them to get some stability in their lives and for Him to move the husband's heart towards her other kids and away from crime (i.e. that he gets saved).

We have already seen the hand of God working in this family: the daughter's miraculous healing, the boys going to school and Lisa herself testifying of God's grace in her life - she says she will never turn back from the Lord to her old life.

Now we just need to help this family get stabilized and moving on with their lives. We know God's hand is on them, so we just want to smooth the way for them as they transition.

*Names have been change to protect their anonymity.


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