Meet Sam* - a young man we work with

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Sam* is in his early 20's and has just finished high school. He is the last born of five boys - and is working hard to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

All his brothers have been to rehab as alcoholics and some are also addicted to drugs. His parents are elders in a church and have been for years. His Dad is a HARD man, as he came from a dysfunctional home himself where his dad was even harder on him - to some extent, he has also had to be 'hard' to survive, as he has had to care for and finacially support his younger siblings.

His parents have no time for Sam and he, like his brothers, are very hurt by their father and thus use alcohol and drugs to numb their pain.

He loves the Lord and just wants to please Him and to live a holy life. However, no matter how much he trys, he finds himself disappointing a father who can never be appeased. Frustration, anger and self-loathing follow - and down he goes again!

We are helping Sam to love himself and get through his hurt. We love him regardless of his issues and continue to show him unconditional love. We recently managed to get him enrolled with a Christian programme specifically designed for school leavers. It gives him the chance to learn about our loving God, about good work ethics and he gets to share with others who are helping him in his recovery. It also keeps him away from the slum during the week so he does not hang out with some other youth who are constantly in trouble. We are praying that there will be a reconciliation with his Dad (i.e. for his dad to also discover the love of God).

He is such a lovely and happy kid. He loves to sing praise and worship and is learning to play piano and guitar. We pray that God will touch him and meet the desires of his heart.

*Sam's real name has been changed to protect his anonymity.


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