My Mother's Day

The actual flowers

I Woke up to clean the mess the dogs leave behind each night: we have two very big 7 month old German shepherds who love to run, play fight and dig, which leaves very muddy verandahs by morning (It is easier cleaned first thing in the morning before the mud dries up). I had just finished when I saw my lovely fresh flowers in a small glass (we have no vases), freshly brewed tea and some Mandazi (deep fried doughnuts). I enjoyed my cuppa with my family and had a laugh ringing Nanna (Terrence's mum). So far so good.

I made lunch, using some edible weeds from the garden (things are a little tight around here and I had to find something to eat), had a humble lunch and cooked for the dogs (dog biscuits are simply too expensive and the massive dogs eat too much!!).

Around midday I had a phone call from Sally* (a widow we minister to): her roof had been ripped off by the wind. She lives in a 4 foot x 4 foot mud room, she has very little furniture and belongings, it's the rainy season and she has no where else to go. So I went about organizing for her to have a place to sleep tonight.

I am thanking God for a house and warmth!

A few minutes later Lisa* (a women we minister to) rang: her 'husband' stole the neighbors motorbike, went to his work place and stole five computers and then disappeared. She had spent all day Saturday locked up in the police station with her one month old baby! They let her out at night and she then spent all Sunday in talks with the neighbors about their missing motorbike. Because of this she had not worked and had no food for her kids. All she asked for was prayer for strength. Having prayed for her, I then sent her 200 shillings ($3) so she could buy some food for herself and her kids. Later she rang me and was so grateful and tear-jerkingly thankful.

I am thankful to God for food and a loving caring husband and children.

I had dinner with the boys and had a depressing conversation as to why we were here and how much the Internet sucks. 😠

After dinner Sam (a boy we are helping recover from alcohol and drugs) rings up and says he has been told it's Mother's Day and he is wishing me a happy Mother's Day. There is a big lump in my throat as I say a choked up thank you and tell him to have a blessed time.

God has a way of reminding us that he loves us so much and that he is with us always. Also, that He has called us and the most important thing is just to be where he wants us to be - the rest is up to him.

I ended my day by watching Ice Age with Brad, my youngest son: something funny, something light.

I am blessed!

*Names have been changed to protect their anonymity.


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