We welcomed Gideon into the family

Gideon and his mum

Miriam had the opportunity to welcome her little nephew, Gideon, (9.9 pounds) into the world.

We walked to the clinic for a check up, and by the time we got home, labor had started.

There is always a BIG traffic jam on Fridays and getting into town was out of the question. So we decided to go to the local health center - where we attended clinic in the morning - for the delivery. We were there at 6.30pm and found nobody! A few phone calls later, and the nurse in charge arrived, and shortly after that, the doctor. Panic can be expressed in many different ways: this time I was totally calm 😌 and 100% panicked!!!

Anyway, the baby's mum's blood pressure was extremely high - so come 8pm, by a miracle of God, we were in the main hospital: which is equipped for any emergency. She got prepped and then pumped full of drugs for the high blood pressure.

We discovered that we have lots to pray for God's protection for here.

At this hospital, it is so overcrowded, that the mummas wait and labor outside in the waiting room until they feel like pushing. They are then bundled into a room with six other ladies and put onto a metal hospital bed with a very thin mattress covered in green PVC. They quickly wipe down the mattress, which is still covered in... well you can imagine... from the last patient - and all the mess DOES NOT get cleaned up! %?"!;$#@? They get bundled onto this very cold, uncomfortable and dirty surface and are then treated very roughly by the hospital staff.

At least the baby gets wrapped in what you provide and goes under a heater. It's soooo emotional seeing someone you love going through labor like this and then give birth. I almost passed out! The sweating meant my body had just about had it. I've now experienced birth both ways😂😩😱

It was a relief In the morning to be admitted to the ward away from the mess😝 - only to find we are sharing a bed with a 21 year old mum who has just lost her baby.

Every bed has two to three mums in it along with their babies. The lucky ones are the mums with babies in the nursery downstairs, as they don't have to worry if the baby will be squished!!!

I had to stay up all night on Sunday to make sure the mum was rested and the baby was properly fed. This is because the paediatrician had finally allowed formula for my nephew after he had cried himself to death - quite literally!!! He and stopped breathing due to being so hungry. Would you believe it, the doctor had prescribed drugs to lower the mum's high blood pressure, but no one had bothered to tell us that these drugs also stop milk production. Wow!!!??

NOTE: If it wasn't for Miriam's quick action and prayer for the baby, then he would have died. When the nurse came, she simply panicked and ran off with the baby - no CPR - NOTHING!!! - and when she was away from the mother, she just checked to see if he was still alive.

We were thanking God when we were finally discharged out of there, as the hospitals are a real hazard - hygiene wise, etc.

The following day we visited little baby Gladys, one of the babies we work with, in the children's ward - she was admitted with pneumonia. They had put three to four children per bed along with their parents. And the parent are virtually left to look after their babies alone!!!???? The wards are so overcrowded that you can barely even get from A to B. You have to push you way through crowds of people.

There are so many people here - life gets treated very lightly and with complete disregard. We have learned that every life is precious, as it is a miracle that they survive through many extreme odds just to make it from birth to five years old.


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